Wednesday, 30 May 2007


Reginald Gray was born in Dublin. Ireland. He studied at The National College of Art there and then under Cecil ffrench Salkeld learning old master techniques. He moved to London in 1957 and had his first one man exhibition at Abbott and Holder Gallery. He met and painted Francis Bacon and the portrait now hangs in The National Portrait Gallery,London since 1975. Gray moved to France in 1962 and has lived there for many years where his portraits include author Jill Neville (National Portrait Gallery Australia) and many other subjects such as Juliette Binoche, Helena Bonham Carter, Samuel Beckett, Patrick Swift, Derry O`Sullivan and Sean Brophy. His `Santa Maria Magdalena` hangs in The Church of the Holy Cross. St Pancras London. Gray now lives between Paris ans London and works in the two cities. LINK;

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dora said...

Dear Mr. Gray, 2 yrs back I contacted you about one of your paintings - the one of Werner Schroeter, a childhood friend of mine. Since long I lost your email address but would like to contact you personally. Pls. be so kind to write me your email id.!